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these two fellas are my father-(and step-father)-in-law and they've been best buddies for more life times than the average guy.  ​  last time we all got together, we drank endless pitchers of shitty beer at the honest lawyer in Hamilton, Ontario.  Kenny (left) got into trouble with four guys before the end of the afternoon (!).  he's got a heart of gold, only one eye and is one of the toughest guys I've ever seen crying meeting his step-daughter after years.  Derek is my father-in-law, passionate about oldtimers and a lost poet, genius writer, who lives in a dead end facility for untreatable drunks.  read his Christmas poem below!

romantic path of self destruction 2015-present

this 35mm series explores romantic aspects of people, who don't always choose to walk through life on a 'beaten path'. 

these two fellas for example are my (now deceased) father-(and ex-step-father of my wife)-in-law and they were best buddies throughout most of their lives. beer drinkers, trouble-makers, who wouldn't get tired to refer to each other and themselves as "shit-heads", they've sure had fun years but also lived close to poverty, misery and, often, violence. 

derek or "dee" (my father-in-law) was passionate about many things: old-timers (earlier in life), models (his whole life) and he was somewhat of a lost poet and writer, who never turned his creative side into a livelihood but slowly descended the infamous "ladder" of life after losing his basement apartment in hamilton, ontario after which he lived in a dead-end facility for untreatable drunks and drug addicts.


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